Indexing for ease.

Vuestamp mounts are always supplied with full size index cards – pre-trimmed to the exact size.

Adhesive Tape Backing

All Vuestamp mounts are provided with the best quality adhesive tape already attached, and are also available with sponge adhesive for the best results.

Optimum Image Transfer

Every Vuestamp size is available with foam adhesive to ensure even pressure across the surface for optimum results printing dies.

Large Size Range

50 different sizes are available that ensure a fit for practically every size requirement.

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S01 – 13mm x 10mm


S02 – 25mm x 10mm


S03 – 38mm x 10mm


S04 – 51mm x 10mm


S05 – 63mm x 10mm


S06 – 76mm x 10mm


S07 – 89mm x 10mm


S08 – 101mm x 10mm


S09 – 19mm x 16mm